Rakesh Patel: Underbelly of Big Data:

This round table will focus on the use of data to empower consumers to make relevant, timely and educated decisions. We want to understand and have a healthy debate on core topics covering;

  • At want point do you start creating consumer confusion because there is too much data?- How do you know that analytics and/or data do not play a part in driving consumer engagement?
  • How much analytics is too much?- At what point do consumers feel that we know too much?- What is the best practice around consumer engagement and education?
  • How do you use analytics with to drive consumer experience (what are consumers doing within your experiences) to change the user journey or to funnel them down a specific path?

Julie Wooding: Evolution of Consumer Credit, Data and Credit Risk Models Over Time

Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen a credit industry evolution: in terms of consumer credit use behavior, data sources available, as well as the development of credit risk models.  Join us and learn more about our insights from the past and what we believe we’ll see in the future.

Sam Kremmis: Content personalization for CC holders. Why personalized content should matter to consumers and businesses.

Matching the right content to the users who will find it interesting is hugely important, and not as difficult as many think. It doesn’t require machine learning algorithms to determine who will care about a new Amex lounge opening in LAX — it just takes some common sense (and the appropriate data). Users who fly out of LAX and have an Amex card (or are interested in the card) should be matched with that story, and no one else. Here Sam shares his previous experience with personalized Credit Card content, as well as ideas for the future

Jeannine Crooks:  Advanced affiliate marketing strategies.

Spending 15 minutes a day strategically placing or updating links can translate into significant passive income. Learn how to prioritize your time for maximum return.

Michelle Black: Experian Boost, UltraFICO, and Consumer Permissioned Data