Louis DeNicola – Freelance writer and credit expert

Louis DeNicola is a personal finance writer who works with Fortune 500 financial services firms, FinTech startups, and non-profits to help promote financial literacy. He covers a variety of personal finance topics but especially likes writing about credit cards and credit scoring.
Description: The National Consumer Assistance Plan (NCAP) was a response to a settlement between the three major credit bureaus—Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion—and 32 states’ Attorneys General in 2015. Some of the resulting changes made headlines, such as the removal of civil judgments and tax liens from credit reports, while others went into effect relatively unnoticed.

Louis will share an overview and timeline of the credit reporting changes that have taken place because of NCAP, how the changes could impact consumers’ credit scores, and whether the changes will also impact underwriting.

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