Darin Namken – Founder and President of Bulldog Media

Darin Co-founded Bulldog Media Group in 2000. He serves as President, steering the mission and providing the future direction of the core vision of the company and specializing in new business development. For over 18 years, Mr. Namken has worked closely with Financial Institutions (FI) consulting on product and building strategic customer acquisitions for mostly the sub & near prime unsecured market. From not only understanding marketing channels but also understanding the compliance and profitability of the lifespan of the consumer for the FI.

Bulldog Media Group, is a leading performance marketing company that specializes in online customer acquisition for clients in the financial services industry. Since 2000, we have focused on financial services digital marketing as our core niche. We take an innovative, strategic approach to our relationships, with the goal of delivering solutions that are tailored to meet each client’s needs. This approach has delivered long-lasting relationships and over one million new customers for our clients each year.

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